Mood swings are what we may describe as sharp and inexplicable changes in someone’s mood that can occur for many reasons. Some various Conditions that can cause mood swing in women are

PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME: it is a group of symptoms that occur 7-14 days
before a period. The hormone estrogen is suspected to be a major cause of mood
swing during this period. It fluctuates before and during and it can affect
behavior. Other symptoms of PMS are changes in appetite, fatigue, bloating and

PSYCHIATRIC CASES: Psychiatric illness is also a major cause of mood
swing. Illnesses like Bipolar Affective disorder where the individual swings
from elated mood to depressed mood. Depression and Attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder.

HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Deficiency of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland can affect mood.
Hypothyroidism is a common condition that is as a result of insufficient
production of these hormones.

STRESS: Events and situations of life, frustration and worry and stressful situation
can lead to mood swing.

This is a stage of physical and psychological growth; a lot of changes take
place that brings about emotional and mood swings.

Pregnant women experience physical changes and emotional stress that can cause
mood instability. Fluctuating hormonal levels can also be a factor.

Also brings about changes in mood. Other symptoms associated with menopause are hot flashes, low sex drive and insomnia.


Mood can be stabilized by these
lifestyle modifications and alternative treatment;

DIET: Eating in smaller quantities is good for mood stability; this stabilizes blood sugar that can help counter mood swing.

ADEQUATE SLEEP: Sleep for 8-9 hours, getting this much sleep can
cause mood swings. Taking naps too could be beneficial in managing mood swing.

EXERCISE:Exercise is known to improve physical and mental health. Exercises help to produce endorphins which alleviate stress and boost mood. Moderate exercise for 30-45 minutes in 5 days per week is beneficial.

stimulant,, it causes anxiety and nervousness thus affecting your mood. Alcohol on the other hand is a depressant that can affect behavior and worsen mood swing. Sugary foods can cause shifts in blood sugar level then causing swings.
Avoid these foods in order maintain stable mood.

CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS: It helps ease the symptoms of
depression, anxiety and emotional fluctuation from PMS. It helps to prevent bone deterioration in peri menopausal women.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Meditation and deep breathing exercise helps in relieving symptoms of anxiety. Massage and talk therapy can also relieve stress to avoid mood swing.

SEEK HELP: Talk to a professional when mood swing interferes with your activities of daily living. Underlying causes can then be treated.

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