It is important to carry breakfast as a crucial part of you to do list every day. This helps to get your day started and prepare you a great deal for what lies ahead. It is important that you keep a straight head as you go about your daily routines. Not having your breakfast regularly can leave your confused, angry and irritable so early in the day.

Here are reasons why breakfast is good for you

Source of body fuel

After eight hours of good sleep at night the brain is deprived of sufficient oxygen and glucose to meet up with a fresh demand as you start you day. It might not be easy to prepare breakfast when you are almost running late for work. However, its impact in improving your performance can’t be over-emphasized. Moreover, a simple meal of cereal and wheat bread with a cup of tea would be a good goal at the end of the day

It aids metabolism

After waking up, nutritionists advise that breakfast should be eaten within 2 hours. This is so as to provide the body with the necessary calories needed for metabolic processes of the body as you begin your day. Metabolism is slow at night so are other bodily processes as well. This is why some people wake up tired and lightheaded. If you want to make your day, start it with a good breakfast

Controls weight

Nutritionist say that eating breakfast regularly is another way to control your weight. It helps you produce fuel which is used in bodily processes but if you skip breakfast there is every tendency that when you eventually eat you consume food in large portions high in sugar and fats which isn’t healthy for you

Good source of important nutrients

Studies have revealed that breakfast foods are good sources of nutrients like calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. This nutrient keeps us healthy, strong and boosts our immunity against infections. Most foods taken after breakfast are less likely to combine all nutrients. Try to include a portion of fruits and vegetables in your daily breakfast.

Cognitive function

Eating breast fast can help to restore and improve cognitive function, reasoning and concentration level that is needed for a good performance. This is why everyone especially children and adults are encouraged not to miss breakfast. It is the important meal of the day. You want to find out why you aren’t giving your best at work or the reason for your poor performance; you can just adjust your schedule to accommodate breakfast

Reduces stress

Stress are triggered based on certain life situations in an attempt to meet up with the excess demand on the body. Taking a bowl of cereal or toasting bread with eggs will help reduce the secretion of stress hormones and boost your mood for the day

Long term health

Good breakfast habits in childhood and all through adolescents is a key factor in attaining optimum health and wellbeing. If you want to reduce your rate of illness and hospitalization, embrace the culture of eating breakfast and you won’t be disappointed

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