It is important you take proper account of every part of your home starting from the yard to the kitchen as part of the ways to maintain safety at home. A home is to be a place of refuge from the stress and challenges of the day. It is also a source of comfort to both insiders and outsiders. It’s important you keep your home receptive and free from all ills at all times thereby ensuring both physical and psychological safety. Here are things you should do to maintain safety in your house.

Proper organization: this is one of the most important measures to maintain safety in your home.

  • Take a look around the house to ensure all things are put in place and order. Take note of the worn out objects, work tools, bottles and woods in your yard and surrounding. Ensure every object is well sorted and put in its place.
  • Make sure your rooms and sitting rooms are free of clothes, needles and thread to prevent falls and other injuries.
  • All books should be arranged in the book shelves
  • Promptly clean spilled water to avoid falls
  • Sort clothes in different hamper either dirty or clean
  • Ensure all work tools are kept in the right boxes
  • Ensure things like beads, buttons and hooks are kept in appropriate containers
  • Attend to every object lying on the floor
  • Ensure the staircase is free of water and objects to prevent fall.
  • All plates are to be well sorted out in the plate rack
  • Dirty clothes are to be picked from floor and placed in the laundry room
  • Ensure all saps whether liquid or solid are kept away from the reach of children
  • Remove all medications lying around and keep away from reach of children.
  • Remove shoes from walkways and place in shoe rack
  • Ensure sharp objects like knives, blades are cleared from the surroundings and kept out of reach of children and outsiders.
  • All yard tools or mowers are kept in the work house or yard .
  • Make sure your cars are well parked in the car garage not along the walkway or blocking the entrance
  • Keep all toys where they belong to avoid falls
  • Pets are to be constrained when visitors or individuals with fur allergies are present.
  • A proper orientation should be given to outsiders when they come around.


  • Ensure all damaged appliance are promptly repaired
  • Do not attempt to repair damaged appliances
  • Ensure all electrical appliances are well connected when in use and disconnected when not in use
  • Ensure all doors are in good condition, if not ensure prompt repairs
  • If appliances are damaged before repair, put a sign ‘bad door or be careful’ on it.
  • Ensure adequate lighting inside and around the house.
  • Prompt and adequate disposal of waste to prevent pests and insect bites
  • Bathroom floors must be free of water or spills to prevent falls
  • Carefully open closed doors
  • Ensure all taps in and around the house are closed when not in use
  • Stabilize all stair case and ensure they have secure handrails and adequate lighting
  • Ensure the stairs are free of debris and hazards like ice or snow, use added mats if necessary to avoid slip or fall
  • Secure your bathrooms with rugs that prevent slip or fall
  • Installation of fire alarm and sprinklers are very important to prevent fires in your homes
  • Ensure your home has a fire extinguisher to extinguish fires when the need arises
  • Unplug every electrical device when not in use.





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