After sex or  that mind blowing fun with your partner, there are certain dos and don’ts  you must embrace to keep infections outdoor. In as much as it might not be easy to get out of bed after such an over bearing time, you must ensure you and your partner are safe. Here are some tips you should take note of..

Wash up: After your amazing experience, a wash up instead of a shower can do the trick. Cleaning your vagina will help to prevent urinary or vagina infections. It is important to wash the area around (not inside) your genitals with plain warm water. You can try mild soaps, but if you have sensitive skin or you already have an infection, they might dry out or irritate the area. Men with foreskin should gently pull it back and wash underneath.

Stay away from douching: Most women are fond of douching after sex which isn’t right. The vagina is a self cleaning organ which can keep its environment healthy and active without being aided but douching can lead to more infections. That’s because it upsets the natural balance of bacteria that protect your vagina. The best way to take care of your vagina after sex is to leave it alone.

Stay simple: In as much as we know its possible to feel wet and uncomfortable down there and feel the need to scrub in out, it is better to leave the vagina to do the  cleansing itself. Also, be careful with the toiletries, creams and wipes you use as  some of these can irritate the vagina causing infections.

Empty your bladder: During sex, bacteria can get into your urethra, the tube that carries urine out of your body. That can raise your chances of an infection. When you pee, you flush those germs out. If you’re a woman, when you wipe, do it from front to back to stop the spread of bacteria.

Take a drink: Just as it is a good idea to pee after sex, it is also to take a drink as this flushes the bacteria through urine.. It is very crucial that you keep yourself hydrated. You should also take at least 8 cups or glasses of water in a day. This is also helps to keep your vagina wet rather than dry and irritated.

Wear loose clothing: Cotton lingerie is ok because it’s breathable, but nylon, rayon, or polyester underwear are a no-no. After sex, your skin tends to be warm and damp because of the perspiration, vaginal secretions, and semen during sex. Synthetic underwear traps the moisture and you run the risk of a yeast infection. The vagina likes to air out, you can decide to go nude or stick to cotton wears after sex.

Wash your hands: This is a practice that must be cultivated before and after sex. It’s the best way to get rid of bacteria you might pick up from touching you or your partner’s genitals. Washing your hands with soap and clean water will help stop the spread of infections.

Get tested: If you are sexually active and you are not sure of your partner’s commitment, try to get tested for sexually transmitted infections so as to begin treatment as soon as possible. Most of the time, these infections have no symptoms, so testing is the only way to know for sure if you have one. You can also watch out for symptoms like discharge, pain, blisters, sores, spots or lumps.

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