There are certain roles expected of our fathers that actually contributes to state of health of the mothers and the unborn child as well as feeding the baby with breast milk exclusively for six months

I get bothered and feel sad seeing men showing no concern to their wives or fail to adjust to some temporary changes during the few time their wives uses in breastfeeding the new born baby.

Babies are not bought at the market, neither a software downloaded from Google play store or App world.

Study conducted by the Federal ministry of health in collaboration with UNICEF, revealed that inadequate and low rate of breastfeeding in children results to millions avoidable cases of childhood diarrhea and pneumonia in children which usually lead to more than hundred thousand child death.

Many fathers are of the view that breastfeeding is strictly confined to women and babies. They see their role as that of a passive or neutral observer who has little influence on the process.

A common complaint from fathers of breastfed babies is that they tend to feel excluded from the intimacy of the nursing dyad. But fathers actually have tremendous potential to either facilitate or undermine the success of breastfeeding. Understanding the importance of their role is the first step in equipping fathers to help their breastfeeding partners.

Father’s roles to support breastfeeding have been started from pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding till it lasts. Those father’s role include role of seeking information about infant feeding, involvement in decision making to feed children, engaged in labour, have a positive attitude in marriage, and involved in various activities of child care.

Breastfeeding can be emotionally demanding, physically exhausting, and uncomfortable at times. Virtually all new mothers experience doubts about their ability to care for a helpless newborn. Breastfeeding mothers harbour additional fears about the adequacy of their milk supply or the correctness of their breastfeeding technique, or their ability to overcome lactation problems. Fathers can play a key role in bolstering their breastfeeding partner’s confidence by showering them with compliments, praising their efforts, and offering words of encouragement.

Why many men feel left out when their wives breastfeed, a father can help in so many ways that it’s hard to imagine. A father can go to the baby when he or she awakens and bring the hungry infant to his wife. While the mother is nursing, he can pour her a nutritious beverage, massage her shoulders, compliment her, and lovingly admire his nursing baby. After the first breast, he can burp the baby and help arouse the infant for the second side. When the feeding is complete, the father can change the infant and put him or her down to sleep.

Fathers should know their responsibilities and encourage their wives to engage in exclusive breastfeeding.

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