Telemedicine is the best chance we have at bridging the wide gap between the demand and supply of medical services.To say the health sector has faced and is still facing several challenges which is evident in the health indices of the world at large may be an understatement. Amidst these challenges, there are also opportunities that may be explored to better the sector in the world at large as far as accessibility to quality health care services and personnel are concerned. It is also no longer news that people in underdeveloped countries spend billions of dollars annually on medical tourism in search of quality health care service and qualified health professionals which are in short supply. The problem plaguing healthcare delivery to the common man may be summarized as follows:

  • Dispersion due to a huge landmass
  • Poor Patient – Doctor ratio
  • Challenges with demand – supply of health services – Ability and willingness to pay
  • Management of patient records across a dispersed population

In a bid to address these challenges and bridge the huge gap in the provision of health care services and actual delivery of these services to the consumer, eDokita as a telemedicine organization is established to bring the people a step closer to their health advisor. It will put an end to the era of enduring long queues and wasting valuable time in hospitals on trivial issues.

It will also reduce the rate at which unqualified health personnel are patronized at the community level. This is because the major reason for patronizing quacks are proximity and ease of accessing service (no queues). In no time, the positive impact of eDokita telemedicine will be felt on the health indices of the population.

Before I go on, most people do not understand what telemedicine is all about, and how it works. Basically, telemedicine is the use of electronic communications media, teleconferencing, document sharing and mobile technology just for the sole purpose of improving the healthcare quality especially for those people who lack basic access to healthcare.

Telemedicine also involves non-clinical services such as administration, training and research.

eDokitaHealth-Telemedicine/ Take note

  • With eDokitaHealth, you just found a useful communication tool between a health provider and you. You get to learn a lot of things that helps to manage your health.
  • You can deliver your affordable services as pharmacist/laboratory scientists via at our platform to increase quality of care.
  • You stay informed via health tips/articles on registering with us at eDokita.

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