Stress is an inescapable component of life. We’ve all experienced it at one time or the other. When not managed properly, stress can be overwhelming and can result in unwanted mental and physiological conditions such as depression and heart diseases. However, when stress is managed effectively, individuals can live a healthy and productive life.

The following stress management tips can help you in ensuring that stress is kept at bay:

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR STRESSORS: find out what easily puts you under stress and get rid of them. Some stressors are inevitable. You can’t eliminate stressors such as the demise of a loved one, a chronic health condition, or emotional trauma. In such cases, the best coping mechanism is to accept things as they are. Adapting may be difficult, but as time goes on, you will see that it is easier to let go than struggling against a situation you can’t change.
  2. EXERCISE REGULARLY: Being physically active boosts the production of endorphins which make us feel good. Take a walk around instead of grabbing a seat at every opportunity. Use the staircase instead of the elevator. Walk down to the supermarket instead of taking a bike.
  3. EAT AND DRINK HEALTHILY: consuming high sugar foods can cause a spike in blood sugar thus making you feel unnecessarily agitated and then crash your mood. Consuming fruits and vegetables can help to better cope with stress, feel relaxed and sleep better. Rather than smoking and taking alcohol which can only provide temporary comfort, taking green teas and staying hydrated can fuel your mind and body, thus relieving stress.
  4. TAKE TIME OUT AND SLOW DOWN: pay attention to your body, mind and thought. Don’t be so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you allow other obligations to encroach your leisure time. When you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, take some time out, listen to soft music, laugh out and hard. Laughing tricks your brain into making it believe that you’re happy. Slow down and keep things in perspective, including your break time.
  5. TALK TO A LOVED ONE: talk to a loved one that you trust about your challenges. A problem shared can be a problem solved.
  6. SEEK MEDICAL HELP: after practicing the tips mentioned above and it seems like you’re still stressed without relieve, kindly seek medical help.

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