The need to relieve Itchy skin can be such a burdensome concern for the victim but before we can address that,what in the first place is itchy skin,it is otherwise known as pruritus. It can affect every part of the body and can be experienced by anyone irrespective of age, sex, status or personality.  Itching can be very discomforting and embarrassing especially when in the sun. It can get really bad in some individuals and lead to difficulty in sleeping and anxiety. An itchy skin is known for inflammation, red scars and bumps on its surface.  Causes of itchy skin include; insect bites, allergies, stress and eczema.

Ways To Relieve Itchy Skin;

Adding menthol; menthol has proved to give relief to itchy skin. It is found in soaps, creams and oils and it is commonly used because of its cool effect on the skin. Pregnant women who experience dry and itchy skin will find this helpful as well.

Take a warm bath; bathing with warm or lukewarm water has been found to soothe itchy skin. It improves blood circulation all over the body. This is why it is often advised that a warm bath should be taken became rubbing oils or creams to make it more effective. It is also important to avoid extreme temperature at this time because it can make itching worse.

Change clothes regularly; the kind of clothes a person wears can also cause itching. It is crucial to change clothes especially after activities that cause you to sweat. Take your bath and wear loose fitting clothes to get your skin aerated. Ensure that you separate outing clothes from bed clothes and wear them as appropriate.

Moisturizers; this can come in form of cream or lotion which helps to hydrate the outermost layer of the skin. It is useful in managing a whole lot of skin conditions especially those that is accompanied with itching. Ensure that the moisturizer you get has good active ingredients that support your skin. These ingredients are emolients which serve as a protective cover over skin surface and humectants which draw water into the skin. Apply moisturizers with oil after bath whether in the morning or evening.
You can get this from any available cosmetic shop close to you.

Avoid excessive use of medicated soaps; soaps and cream with medications or fragrance can serve as irritants to the skin if used for prolonged periods. This is because the normal flora that protects the skin from infections can be destroyed in the process thereby increasing risk of itching and irritations. Avoid change of soaps from time to time. Stick to unmedicated and mild toilet soap which is gentle on the skin

Avoid stress; stress has been found to trigger itching. Some people have dry skin and rashes when they are stressed. To relieve itching, find a cool place to relax and wade off anxious thoughts from our mind.

Use over-the –counter medications; anti-allergy medications are available in form of tablets, oils, ointments and creams at any available pharmacy. These drugs available in form of creams are absorbed into the skin to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. It is crucial that you wash affected part with mild soap before applying topical medication on your skin. If there is no sign of improvement after 2 weeks, please see a doctor


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