Corona Virus: Prevention

Below are simple and important things recommended to prevent the risk of contacting and also spreading the covid19 virus.

  • The use of face mask is very important in preventing the spread and exposure to the deadly virus.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Wash your hands well for at least 10secs in each washing.
  • Use of alcohol based sanitizer is very important. Carry your sanitizer along when going out and do not fail to use it often. Get a portable one you can always take along to anywhere. Corona virus is a deadly disease,prevent the spread and protect your family and loved ones.
  • Wear an overall clothe/plastic raincoat or similar to cover your clothes. (If plastic, due to heat put few holes in some strategic areas that are not likely to touch surfaces on the plastic to allow ventilation). Remove the raincoat without touching the external surface if you can upon/before getting home or at work, for disposal
  • Wash every cloth you wear everyday or spray them with cleansing sprays or use lysol or hydrogen peroxide wipes on them
  • Wipe or clean EVERY work surface(s) exposed to others with soapy solution or hydrogen peroxide or alcohol containing cleaning solutions
  • Wipe/clean every surface at home exposed to visitors or repeatedly use for entry/exit
  • Have soap and water at strategic locations in the office to ensure ALL staff wash their hands. Take strict measures to ensure this is adhered to.
  • Social distancing: this is very important in reducing the spread of the covid19 virus . The corona virus spreads through contact with infected persons. Avoid crowded places and also reduce physical interviews where necessary
  • Wash your face with soap and water. As much as possible avoid touching your face.
  • Do daily or twice daily gaggles with warm saline and honey.


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