Pubic lice are parasitic insects found in the genital areas of human being. They can also be found in other parts of the body like the eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits and beards. Being parasitic, they feed on human blood. It is not the only lice that can live on human body, there are head lice and body lice as well. Children may get an infestation after sleeping in the same bed as someone who has pubic lice. In children, the lice usually live in their eyelashes or eyebrows. The presence of pubic lice in a child might also indicate sexual abuse.


It can be contacted by intimate contact with an infested person through:

  • Direct physical contact
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Contact with clothing, towels and blankets.


The most common symptom is intense itching in the genital area. Other symptoms are

  • Irritability
  • Low grade fever
  • Pale or bluish spots near the bites
  • Lack of energy


They are a pale grey colored insect but become darkened when they have fed on blood. A thorough check on the genitals or pubic hair may reveal crab like insects, a magnifying lens can be used to aid clearer vision. Lice eggs can also be found in the root of the pubic hair.


The major attempt to Getting rid of pubic lice is decontaminating your body and clothing.

See a physician who is going to prescribe the most suitable over the counter lotion for the lice e.g. Permethrin which should be used according to prescription. Other treatment options include: Maladione and Ivermectin which is a pill.

  • If the infestation is mild, washing with a prescribed shampoo could be enough
  • Examine sexual partner and family members for infestation and also treat accordingly
  • Wash all clothes, bedding and towels with hot water and dry th
  • Use tweezers to remove leftover nits.
  • Eye infestation should be seen by a physician, regular lotion should not be used to treat eye infestation.
  • Tweezers can also be used on the eyelashes


  • Do not share clothing, bedding and towel
  • Sexual contact should be avoided until treatment is successful
  • Sexual partners should also be treated as well.

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