Health, according to World Health Organization, is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and no merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This is telling us to be healthy is not by being healthy physically alone but being able to balance it with our mental and social wellbeing also. Therefore here are habits you can inculcate to improve your mental health.

  • EAT A BALANCED DIET:  Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables can improve your mental health. Consumption of good food does not only have effect on your physical health. Some heavily processed foods could predispose you to mood disorders.
  • GET ADEQUATE SLEEP: Sleeplessness is a major sign of poor  mental health as it sometimes denotes mental illness. Deep sleep makes the mind more sound. Do not keep electronics in your bedroom to avoid distraction. Make your bedroom cool, dark and comfortable for you to facilitate good sleep.
  • MEDITATION:  Clear your mind of worries and fears. Take time to breathe and just be mindful of where you are at the moment. This relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is a line of treatment in the management of anxiety disorders.
  • BE HYDRATED: The brain is made up of 75% water. Dehydration can have an effect on the brain, not taking enough water can affect concentration and cognitive functioning. 3.7 liters of fluid is the recommended amount of fluid intake for men daily while women are recommended to take 2.7 liters. Adequate fluid intake will improve mood and cognitive functioning.
  • BE OFF SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media can seem an avenue to socialize and it has negative effect on mental health. Social media accommodates all forms of pretense and vague lifestyle which is linked to symptoms of depression and anxiety. Societal ills are easily spread via social media. Meet people, live life genuinely to improve your mental health.
  • REGULAR EXERCISE: Exercise is known to bring about healthy body but can also help build a sound mind. Cardio-exercise are said to release endorphins that boost mood. Low intensity exercise can also improve brain function.
  • KEEP A DIARY: Write down how you feel and events, it allows you to record your pattern of behavior, triggers, worries and fear. It serves as an assessment when you improve.
  • LAUGH: Laugh is known to be the best medicine. Laughing is a reaction to excitement. It eases stress and relieves anxiety. It also facilitates socialization. Go out with funny friends, watch funny movies and do amusing things yourself.
  • ALWAYS OPEN UP: Talk to family and trusted friends, this relieves the burden of the issue. Advice may be offered and you can find help. Some of your friends may even be going through something worse. Do not keep issues that bother you. It may lead to depression.
  • GO OUT: People are usually caught between regular schedule of work and home. Taking some time off this schedule can be a benefit to mental health. See the world appreciate nature, these will relieve stress thereby improving mental health.
  • MAINTAIN GOOD POSTURE:  Standing, sitting and maintaining a good position elevates the mind and makes one feel good. This will improve mental health  by facilitating positive attitude and increase self-esteem.
  • AVOID PRESSURE: Avoid doing so many things at a time. It can affect mental health, this will increase level of stress and anxiety. Make priority list and take your time to accomplish each task.
  • SEEK HELP FROM A PROFESSIONAL: When you feel something is amiss, visit your doctor and ask for help. Stigma does not allow some people to ask for help but asking for help is important to prevent mental disorder.

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