Chewing sugar filled gums has been found to damage the teeth and gums. This is because bacteria thrives well in a sugar friendly environment. The worst part being that this sugar particles hang around the teeth causing decay and foul breath. So if you must enjoy these benefit, you should go for sugar-free gums. There are a whole lots of other benefits in chewing sugar-free gums

Jaw exercise: Chewing of sugar-free gums helps to massage the gums keeping a constant flow of blood around the teeth. it also helps to prevent breakage of teeth and keep a constant flow of saliva in the mouth. This flow helps prevent bacteria from acting on the teeth or gums thereby reducing mouth odour or decay.

Cleanses the mouth: Movement of saliva as stimulated by the salivary gland in front and around the mouth helps to keep the flow of saliva hence cleansing the mouth and reducing odours. dryness of the mouth especially during severe dehydration can cause bleeding and cracked lips an mouth.

Aids digestion: Chewing of sugar-free gums have been found to improve digestion in people with gastrointestinal problems. this is because of the release of gastric juice into the stomach during the chewing process. this could be responsible for then hunger that is often felt after prolonged chewing. it is crucial to eat something as soon as you feel the pangs this is to reduce the impact of the gastric juice on the parietal walls of the stomach thus preventing ulcer.

Relieves heartburn: Heartburn is cause by the flow back of stomach acid up the oesophagus thus leading to irritation in the chest. chewing sugar-free gums helps to ensure the flow of saliva neutralize the acids that may be travelling up your oesophagus because of heartburn.

Prevent cavities: The American dental association (ADA) reports that studies show that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after a meal can prevent tooth decay. The saliva also contains additional calcium and phosphate to support and the strengthen enamel. A strong enamel helps to prevent tooth loss or cavities.

Reduce tooth sensitivity: Sugar free gum is that it can reduce tooth sensitivity caused by teeth whitening. most people complain of tooth sensitivity after having tooth whitening. According to a study published in the British Dental Journal, patients who chewed sugarless gum after having their teeth whitened had significantly less tooth sensitivity compared to study participants who did not chew gum.

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