An unexpected occurrence happened in one of the Federal owned hospitals in Ondo state, where a finalist nearly lost his life due to management prayer meeting.

According to an anonymous source said, the staff of one of these federal owned hospitals,specifically the health center in Ondo normally holds a prayer/meeting on the last Friday of every month during work hours which is compulsory for all staff to attend. At this time, treatment given to patients must be on hold and no emergency cases will be attended to, either the one on the hospital bed or new cases.

According to him, said during the last meeting, the clinic was crowded with a lot of concerned patients who came for treatments, but unfortunately for them nobody paid attention to them.

He added, while this was on, a boy was rushed down with a bike from an exam hall, the boy was unconscious and everybody round him except the staff of the hospital.

According to the boy close pal, Mr. Jide Olaosebikan said he once heard that the staff of the hospital had issues on how to treat human lives, but this very day he confirmed it was not just a speculation but the real fact.

“I thought within myself that such critical case deserves an exemption, waiting for someone to attend to him and at least resuscitate him and give the necessary first aid treatments but to my surprise, the doctors, nurses and other staff continued their meeting as if it was more important than my friend’s life, he added.”

Speaking to one of our correspondents, Mr. Olaosebikan said he found it difficult to understand how such apathy to life could be seen among health workers who swore oath to save lives.

He concluded that fortunately for his friend, he regained his consciousness and we rushed him to a private hospital where he is receiving adequate medical attention.


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