Monkeypox Victim commits suicide In Bayelsa


One of the victims of the viral disease, monkeypox, has committed suicide in Bayelsa State. As of October 13, 2017, there were 17 suspected cases reported from Yenagoa LGA in Bayelsa State.

Monkey pox, a zoonosis (a virus transmitted to humans from animals) disease, is cause by oval brick-shaped viruses that have lipoprotein layer with filaments that cover the viral DNA. “There are many members of this viral genus, including species such as variola (small pox), rabbitpox, cowpox, buffalopox, etc.

Addressing one of  the Futureminds Development Initiatives (FMDI) correspondents in Yenagoa, the state capital, the Commissioner for Health, Ebitimitula Etebu, said the deceased was among the 21 suspected cases of the virus that were being managed at the teaching hospital.

The commissioner of health expresses regret that the patient took his own life despite impressive progress by the federal government to stem the outbreak.

He added that a committee had been put in place to evaluate the deceased’s clinical and social history to shed more light on the tragedy but the deceased’s medical history did not suggest any mental illness or features of depression.

He however advised Nigerians to avoid consumption of bush meat, dead animals particularly bush monkeys, stressing that meat and meat products should be thoroughly cooked before eating. Also that the Federal government is doing everything to curtail the outbreak