Keeping your underwear clean and dry is a good way of preventing infections and ill-health. This is because these clothes are usually in direct contact with our body than other clothes. Hence, the needs to take proper care of them in order to prevent wear out or harbor germs that can trigger infections. Underwear can come in forms of silk, nylon, lace, cotton or wool. You should treat each of these materials with care. You might want to try out something new.

Wash your new underwear; this is one mistake most women make after purchasing any undergarment. They proceed with the use of it without washing simply because it’s new. This isn’t right as some of these underwear harbor lots of germs and is coated with different chemicals or fragrances to preserve them. Be kind to your skin especially your genitals by washing your underclothes before you wear them.

Soak underclothes; the type of detergents or soaps used to wash you underwear determines how they long they would last. Since underwear is usually made of soft materials, using the same detergent used for other clothes can ruin them fast. If you must wash your underclothes, endeavor to soak them for ½ hour in a mild or light detergent. Most people use mild laundry soaps rather than other detergents

Separate underclothes carefully; it is of note to ensure that you don’t wash your underwear with other clothes. Likewise, mixing up dark coloured undergarments and light coloured ones in a tub can get things bad at the end of the day. I am sure you wouldn’t like to see that pretty white laced bra of yours become antique rust color.

Remove loose buckles or knots that shouldn’t belong to the wash bowl; while you wash, ensure every buckle or knot are removed. Using your hands, endeavor to scrub gently through the length, breadth of every part of your underwear paying attention to the straps and knots around it. Pay keen attention to the lace, buttons and ties while you wash with smooth firm strokes.

Wash padded areas carefully; these are the areas that trap sweat a lot. If special care isn’t given to these areas they may cause odors the next time put them on. After washing, ensure that you allow enough air into this part to prevent rashes on your skin the next time you put it on.

Don’t squash your bra while washing; squashing your bra while washing can cause it to lose shape. This might cause you to replace your bras as often as possible. If you must get them washed, simply put the cup of the bra in the center of one palm and use your fist from the other hand to press against the cup, this will drain out the water without squashing the cups.

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