The Special Adviser to Ondo State Governor on Health, Dr. Jibayo Adeyeye has faulted the approach and manner in which  the nation’s medical colleges and government hospitals are run, stating that failure to accept that things are not normal in the health sector will continue to hamper moves to enable Nigeria compete favourably with other countries.

Adeyeye who spoke at the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the 1992 Alumni of College of Medicine University of Lagos, regretted that Nigeria which was the choice of many African countries for learning in the 1980’s, has been deserted with Nigerians now rushing to those countries for learning. He blamed the political class for politicising health issues and condemned Nigerians’ wrong perception of free health and free education.

“During my days in the university in the 80’s we had students from different part s of Africa that came to study in Nigeria, it is sad to note that our progress has been reversed as a nation.

“Our children now go to Ghana to study medicine while Gambia University now advertises in our national dailies looking for students from Nigeria.

The Indian High Commission is now a Mecca for Nigerians seeking medical treatment and to make matters worse, the Indian Embassy now issues visas only after 21 days irrespective of the type of your ailment. Why do we deserve to be treated like this?

Adeyeye who joined the 1992 Alumni in cutting the ribbon of the renovated hostel toilet in the College, said policy makers are not bold enough to ask citizens to pay for healthcare services despite the fact that they do not have resources to pay for citizens “despite the fact school fees in UNILAG college of medicine about N30,000 per annual which is less than $100, foreign students don’t still want to come to Nigeria, this tells us that what they patronize is not cost but quality.

“In the University of Ghana, a Nigerian will pay about $17,000 per annual to study medicine, which is more than all the tuition fees paid in the UNILAG College of Medicine.

So it’s therefore impossible to expect Medical School with little or no funding from Federal government and charging less than $100 to compete favourably with their peers around the world.

“We must do everything possible to support health insurance in all state of Federation, this will address out of pocket.” In her welcome address, Chairperson, Medilag ’92 Alumni, Dr. Adebimpe Adebajo said that the renovation of hostel toilet and public lecture was to celebrate the 25th years as Alumni and to give back to the school in appreciation.

“The choice of toilet renovation is to help them live a healthy lifestyle that is free of toilet related diseases. Today, 10 of our members out of about 130 are no longer alive and for those of us alive we thank God and pray may their soul rest in peace. While appreciating the gesture, Provost, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Prof. Afolabi Lesi expressed pleasure over spirit of giving among the Alumni. “All the College of Medicine Alumni would have spent over 100 million for various renovation in the school. Where will I get such fund, so we appreciate them,” he remarks.



Source: The Vanguard Newspaper