One of the healthy ways to lose weight is to do so gradually. It is advisable you lose about 1kg {2 pounds} per week. There are some simple and easy ways you can lose body fat without causing damage to your health. When you take more calories than you burn off during your daily activity the body will store it as fat and it will result in weight gain. The goal of weight loss is to consume fewer calories and to burn off more fat.

  1. Eat more protein High protein diet makes you fuller and it reduces your appetite thereby helping with weight loss.
  2. Eat more high fibre diet Consuming high fiber diet makes you more filled. It reduces the quantity of food you will take in and therefore reduces the calorie you will eventually consume.
  3. Avoid processed foods Processed food is usually high in added sugar, fats and calories. Consumption of excessive calories and sugars in processed food causes excessive weight gain.
  4. Limit intake of refined carbohydrates Refined carbohydrates have most of their beneficial nutrients and fiber removed. Refined carbohydrate is easily digestible making you easily hungry. Examples of refined carbohydrates include; pastry, pasta, cereals, white rice, white bread.
  5. Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption may lead to overeating episodes, and highly impulsive individuals may be at risk for increased energy intake during or after episodes of drinking.
  6. Drink unsweetened tea; adding extra sugar and milk increases the calories you consume.
  7. Consume more of fruits and vegetables it has been found out that consumption of more fruits and vegetables help with weight loss.
  8. Avoid fried meals Fatty meals contain more calories than boiled or grilled meals. It’s important you avoid fried meals such as chips, fried meat.
  9. Avoid late meals Consumption of meals late at night increases your chances of gaining extra weight. You don’t burn the calories you consume late at night. Ensure you eat diner before or by 7pm.
  10. Don’t consume heavy meals late at night You will go to sleep at night and will not be able to burn the calories consumed when you take a heavy meal at night. All these will be converted to fat. It is therefore important you eat calorie light meal at night
  11. Exercise more It’s important you exercise more than you do now if you want to lose weight. Exercises that are good for weight loss includes; jogging, running, cycling,walking and hiking.
  12. Get enough sleep Sleeping for 6-8 hours a day is important for weight loss. It has been found out that 55% of people are more likely to become obese if they don’t get enough sleep.
  13. Don’t rush your meals When you rush your meals, it increases the likelihood of consuming more before you realize you are filled. Faster eaters are much more likely to become obese, compared to those who eat more slowly.
  14. Reduce the size of your food plate. Avoid the use of large sized plates or bowls because it will increase the quantity of food you will eventually eat. Therefore, a reduction in the size of your food plate will reduce your food and give you a perception of having eaten more.
  15. Take healthy snacks It is important you consume healthier snacks such as fruits and vegetables, nuts carrots and hard boiled eggs.
  16. Drink more water You need to drink more water instead of taking sugary drinks or beverages. Drink water before a meal to reduce the amount of calories you will eventually consume.



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