A bean is a source of plant protein commonly classified as legumes. It is an affordable food source rich in vitamin and fiber. It contains amino acids which serve as a building block ion the body. They serve as a source of fuel reserve when energy is needed. It also helps in growth and development, aids the production of hormones and repair of worn out cells in the body. They must be cooked properly before consumption. There are different varieties of beans, they include:

Health benefits

Protein source: They are a source of protein that serves as a key nutrient in body building and repair of worn out tissues. It contains amino acids which is the building block of protein. Out of all types, only soy bean contains all 9 amino acids. Examples of other protein sources include; nuts, seeds, animal products and dairy products.

Rich in nutrient: They contain several nutrient including folate which is useful in the development of fetus during pregnancy. They contain some nutrients asides folate and they include; zinc, iron, magnesium and fiber

Anti-oxidant property: They are also are rich in an anti-oxidant called polyphenols which fight free radicals in the body thereby preventing cancer  and other inflammations.

It lowers blood cholesterol: Bean is a source of soluble fiber which helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. When consuming beans gives a feeling of fullness and adds bulk to faeces which prevents constipation. If you have problems with your cholesterol levels, try including a type of bean in your diet

Controls weight: Eating them makes you feel full with very small portions. This helps to control the extent of food you consume. It also makes you less hungry so you don’t get to eat as often as possible. Due to its high fiber content, it gives you a feeling of satiety and makes digestion easy.

Helps to manage diabetes: They provide a slow steady supply of energy. This is why it serves as a good fuel reserve for future use. It also reduces excess accumulation of glucose in the blood which is highly beneficial for diabetic victims

Migraine headaches: Also they are a rich source of legume which can cause migraine headaches when consumed. Migraines occur as a result of allergic reaction to a foreign substance. If you notice this, speak to your doctor and remove it from your diet.


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