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About Our Services

How do online doctors work?
Online doctors work just like in-person doctors. They can examine areas of concern visually, and ask questions about your symptoms and health history to determine your diagnosis and the best treatment plan. Through eDokita, you can speak with doctors through text or video, receive diagnosis and prescriptions, and get referrals to hospitals around you.
What can online doctors treat?
eDokita doctors can treat many conditions online including bladder infections, UTIs, cold & flu, eye infections, sexual health issues including ED, vomiting, diarrhea, skin issues and more.
Do online doctors work?
Yes! Our doctors are able to treat many conditions online allowing you to save travel costs and time.
Can I make a doctor’s appointment online?
Yes! eDokita allows you to book an appointment with a doctor in the required specialty you want. To find out if it is right for you to book an appointment, simply submit a request and you’ll hear back from us in 24 hours or less. If your request is not suitable for online treatment, we will let you know, and you will not be charged.
How do I upgrade my subscription plan?
This can be done anytime by subscribing to the newly desired plan. This will be effected immediately.
How do I cancel my subscription plan?

Your subscription is automatically cancelled on expiration.

Can I select a different health plan for each member of my family?
No, with a family subscription plan, you all have service entitlement in common.
Does eDokita doctors treat all conditions?
eDokita doctors cannot respond to emergency cases or condition that requires a physical assessment and quick intervention.
How quickly can patients see a provider?
Our providers are readily available to attend to you without delay
Are patients medical records kept safe and private?
Yes. Patients medical record are kept safe and private
Can I requests for my medical records?
Yes, you can and this will be forwarded to the mail address of your choice.
After payment for the health plan, what next?
You can then proceed to the dashboard that gives you access to all our valuable services
Who do I contact for more information or complaints?
Contact for your inquiries and our telephone number to speak to any of our agents
How does scheduling work and how many hours are expected?
You can schedule an appointment with our providers on their available days, indicating the date and time. Time per consultation depends on your need, quality attention and care are what we can guarantee you.
How does documentation works with a consult?
Your doctor ensures detailed and accurate documentation of their encounter with you. This is retrievable on your personal dashboard where you can view a summarized report of your previous consultations.

For Our Partners

Who can partner with eDokita?
HMO’s, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Organizations
What are the requirements to partner with eDokita?

Intending partners must be registered with the appropriate authority, at a location with access to an internet connection, and also register with eDokita.

What do I gain from a partnership with eDokita?
  • Partners will be able to deliver their services to a larger number via our web app users
  • Increase income for organizations

For Our Providers

Who can become a contracted healthcare provider with eDokita?

This is open to all individuals and registered organizations that offer valuable health care services beneficial to our subscribers, Medical personnel, pharmacy, laboratory center, hospital, etc

What documents are needed for my account verification?

For verification purposes, it is expected that you provide a copy of your license with relevant professional details, registration certificates for organizations.

What equipment do I need to be a provider?
A working system, internet services
How will I be paid?
Payment is via individual bank account

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eDokita is an online medical platform that allows users to access quality health care by consulting a doctor at their convenience.

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