Ajayi an experienced Obstetrician & Gynaecologist who spoke  in Lagos during the 14th Annual Scientific Conference & Gathering of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, bagged the Faculty’s  “Icon Of Health Promotion Award”, stated there is a strong link between infertility and depression.

His words: “Infertile people are stressed and if not relieved could become depressed or worse. There is a connection between infertility and depression. Because of the high premium placed on children in this part of the world, people that have no children would obviously feel that something is badly wrong with them.”

Quoting the World Health Organisation, WHO, that describes health as a state of wellbeing, Ajayi argued that there is an element of infertility that is recognizable with mental health. He stressed that there is treatment for infertility and said affected couples should seek help.

“Every society determines what is important to it and one of the things we place premium on here is procreation. There are people who refer to the bible that God decreed that we should multiply and replenish the Earth, so in this part of the world it is important, and as we cannot just change society, so it is important to comply with society’s demands.”

Ajayi said it is necessary to equip medical doctors with administrative skills, but said it should be done in a structured approach.

“You cannot just wake up and be a professor of microbiology and say you are an administrator. A doctor is trained to look after that person but as an administrator, you are equipped to look after many persons at the same time. Doctors need to be trained to do that”, he noted.

He described the Award as a wakeup call. “If people say you are doing something well then you need to really sit up and do it better. It is not just at the LUTH, but worldwide.

It is just a wakeup call that you are doing something right. When your own constituency says you are doing something right, then it really means something.”



Source: The Vanguard