Death during sex! you may find it difficult to explain sometimes when you hear people die during the exciting act of love making. It must be the last thing on their mind before the act right? But ooops, it happens and that is weird. Why should people die during sex?

Most causes of death in history were not a direct result of love making per say but for older men, there is usually an underlying cause of sudden death. Truly, having vigorous sex can be exhausting for both parties, but definitely not to the point of dying. However, death during sex can occur for a number of reasons. The most common cause is associated with physical strain during sexual activity, or some uncommon mitigating circumstances.

Love making is very exciting with a lot of health benefits. You wouldn’t have it in mind that you are improving your immune system or maintaining a healthy weight when you are in the mood but in actual fact, having a good sex life keeps you fit and help your blood flow seamlessly. However, you should know that vigorous sexual activities can bump your heart rate significantly. Asides increasing your heart rates, research studies have established the fact that having a vigorous 30 minutes session of sex can burn as much as 150 calories. It’s pleasant if you believe that sex could be a better form of exercise than jogging but please, do not do this and keep replicating the universe with people just because you want to lose weight.

It’s also a general belief that sexual activities tends to increase intimacy between couples, builds this emotion bonds between partners, reduces stress and make people feel good. Despite all these benefits, headlines have different stories of people dying during sex and of course get us thinking. Keep reading as we explore different reasons for death during sex.

Drug Abuse?

We all know the prevalent issues in our community where youths especially, abuse drugs and other substances ignoring their potential side effects which could be dangerous to health. If I tell you some things young people do when it comes to drugs and sex, you won’t believe it!

Locally, people take native medicines mixed with alcohol such as (monkey tail, alumo bitter, narcotic pain reliever such as tramadol, Viagra, etc.). Some young people take this at the same time. While some chronic drug abuser would smoke marijuana to top it to have a rock hard erection during sex. Am sure all this is in a bid to impress women during sex but, these drugs taken to enhance sexual performance is dangerous to your health.

Viagra when taken with any nitrate containing drug could cause hypotension (low blood pressure) and an aftermath of death. Overdosage of tramadol can lead to respiratory failure, seizure and death for abusers. Tramadol is a central nervous system depressants and it is recommended that tramadol is safely used when not in combination with alcohol.

Cocaine is the worst as it causes convulsions, respiratory depression, heart attack and sudden death during sex. If you are young with difficulty getting or sustaining an erection during sex, consult with your doctor for adequate prescription after proper assessment. Drug abuse could lead to sudden death during sexual intercourse!

Heart Attack?

Any disease related to the heart can be deadly. Heart attack also referred to myocardial infarction leads to death during sexual intercourse. Heart attack result when there is loss of blood supply to the heart muscle. Predisposing factors include men who are over 45 years, women over 55 years, people with hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and use of illicit drugs.

Your heart is one of the vital organs in your body, and it is advisable you take care of your heart by eating right, exercising, limiting your alcohol intake, controlling your blood pressure, check blood sugar levels often, maintain good cholesterol levels amongst other things as you age.

Men who have preexisting heart diseases and erection problems should always consult with their doctor before taking sex enhancing medications, as it increases the tendency of having a heart attack in such men.

Am repeating this again, heart attack is a medical emergency! And the commonest way people die during sex.

Myths of Thunderbolt?

There are myths of death during sex as a result of thunderbolt (magun) especially in Nigerian culture. The deadly love charm is laid on a woman without her knowledge. There are several types and in many cases, the male partner falls victim. This has no basis or explanation in medical practice though.


It is advisable to consult with a doctor for any complaint as regards sexual performance. Talk about your symptoms with our providers at (telemedicine organization that offers effective, efficient and affordable online health care services). You can chat/talk with our providers 24/7, we assure you of quality health advise and experience.