Do you know that cycling is fun? Cycling has been discovered to be part of the principal exercises needed to keep fit and healthy. It is very effective in weight control and cardio regulation which are prescribed for individuals with specific heart condition. Cycling enables blood circulation and increased body metabolism which is significant in the treatment of certain diseases and conditions. To be able to keep up with this exercise and make optimum use of it, there are some skills or techniques you must know to keep you from injury and help you enjoy your time.

  • Wearing a helmet during cycling is mandatory to prevent injury to the head during falls. You can get a helmet in any cycling shop around you at affordable prices.
  • During cycling to avoid much pressure to the bums wearing of padded shorts is necessary to prevent hurting.
  • To ensure a smooth ride, ensure you wear knee caps or knee jacket to protect your knees during a fall to prevent injury. Wearing of hand gloves, elbow pads and back protectors go a long way to keep you protected at all times.
  • Wearing sunscreen or shades keep you face and eyes protected from bugs, insects, rain and sun. You can get these shades at relatively affordable prizes.
  • Before cycling, ensure your bike is in order by checking the bells and confirming that the chains are in good condition before you begin your ride.
  • Clean and oil the chains of the bike to prevent friction and damage especially if riding in a muddy or slippery environment. Ensure the streaks of mud are effectively removed, washed and cleaned thoroughly after each messy trip.
  • Check your tyre pressure before hitting the roads to be sure they are in the right condition. You can get a floor or hand pump handy to help in cases of emergencies.
  • Clean your bike regularly with soapy water and sponge to keep in good shape and condition. You can also use great silicon aerosol spray to keep your bike gleaming.
  • Getting a mini repair kit (tyre levers, pump, and inner tubes) coupled with minimal repair skills will be of great advantage to you especially when you are miles away from home or in an emergency situation.
  • Most cyclists do not really keep themselves hydrated during activity. This is one part that is usually ignored, it is important to keep a bottle of water or a hydration pack handy each time to set out. Cycling in the sun usually leaves you hydrated faster than you can think taking a break and having a drink will keep you moving.
  • Cramping is a common complaint of cycling and it’s important to replace the electrolyte lost during sweating by drinking water, fruit juices or sport drinks.
  • Ensure you take a rest after a hard long ride to regain your energy you can take a bottle of milk and one banana.
  • If you are going on a long ride on your own, endeavour to tell your loved ones your whereabouts and when they should expect you back.
  • Learn some basic traffic riding skills before heading to ride in the streets if you are a beginner. After the skills be sure you are confident to face the road just as anyone else while you ride beware of pit holes, gutters and traffic signs.
  • It is sweet to ride in groups as a pack of friendly riders is more effective than lone riding. Imagine all the gist, laughter and fun. However, as you drive ensure you ride close to yourselves
  • Get a bike with the right hand bars and saddle at appropriate size and height. A decent bike shop will help you fix this.
  • Smile during your ride and enjoy your day always.


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