A medical practitioner has identified consumption of contaminated food, unclean water and intake of drugs as the major causes of various categories of hepatitis.Dr. Johnson Ogunmade spoke during an Annual Health Seminar, organized for Ogun State Ministry of Health workers with the theme, “Reducing prevalence of hepatitis disease: Role of Community Health Practitioners” held in Abeokuta.

Ogunmade said hepatitis “A” that is the most common, is as a result of drug abuse, unclean environment and taking of contaminated foods and water. He added that hepatitis “B”, if not quickly diagnosed could kill faster than HIV/AIDs and can easily be transmitted through body fluid.

According to him, hepatitis “C” and “D” can be transmitted through unprotected sex and blood transfusion respectively while hepatitis E could be transmitted through water borne diseases. Symptoms to watch out for all categories of hepatitis include fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, paleness, stooling, abdominal pains and loss of appetite.

Charging participants to advise patients to imbibe good hygiene, maintain clean environment, avoid the intake of contaminated foods, washing fruits before consumption and staying away from undercooked food, Ogunmade said hepatitis could be greatly reduced when people imbibe the habit of regular hand washing.


Source: The Guardian Newspaper