When the body gives off a scent others may find unpleasant, it is known as body odour. It can be so embarrassing when you perceive an unpleasant smell on your kid’s body. People with hyperhidrosis (sweats too much) may also be susceptible to body odour. Body odour most likely occurs in body areas like the feet, groin, armpits, genitals, pubic hair, belly button, anus, behind the ears and the rest of the skin, to a lesser extent.

Sweating in children is normal because most kids are always active and sweat a lot and this makes them carry a smell considered normal. Body odour in kids is not as apparent as it is in adults but it can sometimes be similar to that of the grown-ups. However, if you noticed an odour that your child carries, it may not be a superficial problem as you suspect.

Body odour is hardly noticeable in children. It can be a sign of onset of puberty but when your kid is of age below 8 years old and is getting smelly, and then it is a cause of alarm and must not go unnoticed. The primary symptom of body odour is an unpleasant smell emanating from a particular part of the body like the armpits, feet and pubic area and in addition, excessive sweating, and cold hands. Below are the possible causes of bad odour in children.

  1. Poor Hygiene: this is one of the most common causes of body odourin kids. Irregular bathing, not washing the armpits and groin region, bacteria can accumulate in the clothes, stick to the sweat and releases a bad odour. Kids can be funny and won’t want the parent to bath for them but if your child refuses to take bath regularly, he/she might smell when the bacteria on the skin contacts sweat.
  2. Food Habits: The type of food your kid eats may bring about body odour. Some food can affect their breath and their odour too. After some foods are digested, they seep into the pores of the skin and create an odour. Your kid may start to emit bad odor after they eat smelly foods like garlic and onion, red meat which has an amino acid called cartinine, smelly food like fish, eggs, legumes and other spicy food. It’s essential to watch out for the type of food they consume.
  3. Sexual Maturation: this is otherwise termed Adrenarche, one of the early signs of puberty and results in physical changes like the emergence of pubic hair, underarm hair, acne, and change in body odor. Some kids may also grow tallerthan the average height of their Also, if your child is closer to the puberty attaining age, then body odour is quite normal because their body goes through a lot of hormonal changes leading to changes in their physical appearance and behavior.
  4. Phenylketonuria:a metabolic disorder error that a child is born with. When your kid have this disorder, it means that there is absence of phenylalanine hydroxylase, an enzyme that is needed to break the essential amino acid called phenylalanine.
  5. Excessive sweating. Medically known as hyperhidrosis. If your child is sweating more that he generally does to maintain normal body temperature, he may have hyperhidrosis. And is usually triggered by excessive consumption of carbonated drinks like soda and spicy food, exercise and anxiety.
  6. Other Medical conditions. A very distinct body odour can also signal an underlying medical condition like a kidney or liver-related ailment, diabetes or inflammation of body organs. It is then necessary to seek help.

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