The first thing you need to know is that our ears are self-cleaning, this means  you don’t have to clean your ear, because  our ears cleans itself. Taking proper care of our ears is very essential because our ear plays a vital role in communicating, and we know communication is vital and a continuous process too. One cause of ear infection is excess moisture, it allows bacteria to enter and attack the ear canal.

The ear canal is a passage comprised of bone and skin leading to the eardrum, Excess moisture can enter the ear while bathing or swimming and excessive moisture in the ear can  cause swimmer’s ear or other types of ear infections, which can be dangerous for your hearing ability.

To protect your ear, you should ensure  you gently towel-dry your ears after bathing or swimming. When you  feel water in your ear, tilt your head to the side and tug lightly on the ear lobe to carefully bring  the water out.  You can also prevent water from entering the ear by using custom-fit swimmers’ earplugs, it helps block water from entering the ear canal.

Avoid using cotton swabs or cotton buds to clean the wax in your ear , it’s not only normal to have wax in your ears but it’s also very importance, because the wax helps stop harmful particles from entering the canal. Inserting objects  inside your ear canals is risky as it can damage sensitive organs like the ear drum.

Stay far away from noisy environments, and if you have to, make sure you put or make use of an ear plug. When listening to music , especially when using ear buds ensure the volume of your speaker is  not too high as it can damage  your ear drum.  remember the ears are self-cleaning, to avoid cleaning or inserting objects inside the ear, and if you feel any form of irritation in the ear contact or see your doctor, avoid self-examination, stay healthy