The Family of Olarenwaju mourns, as their sweet bride dies of Asthma attack hours after the wedding.

The groom, who got married to his sick bride Tutu and then had to watch as his bride dies 13 hours after the wedding ceremony spoke of his frustrations.

Mr. Sola Olarenwaju; a lab scientist at Restoration hospital, showed is devastation in an interview with one of the eDokita news correspondents.

In a phone conversation with Mr. Olaniyan Oluwaseun, Mr. Olarenwaju said he felt like leaving the world with his adorable wife.

Speaking further, he said that faithful mid-night he didn’t know that would be her last moment as he watched her smile as she lay on her sick bed and threw up her arms into the air triumphantly after they exchanged love wishes. But beneath his smile was a feeling of “torture” for he knew she had only a short while to live.

2 hours later, Mr. Olarenwaju held the hands of his new wife as she breathed her last following a year-regular Asthma battle. Tutu had been battling an aggressive type of Asthma for a year before she died.

According to the groom’s mother said “Tutu was adored and loved and treasured by every member of the family. She truly was the greatest daughter. I honestly couldn’t have hand-picked a better one.”

The mum, who has since remarried and runs a photography firm went on to describe her emotional last moments with Tutu as she lay in hospital.

“I held her hand, kissed her cheek, and told her that I was so very lucky, that my Son was so very lucky to have had her as a wife and we won’t forget all the moments we had with her. I told her that I would keep her alive in our hearts and our memories. And I told her I loved her. She squeezed my hand and with all the energy she could muster, she said to me, ‘I love you too’.

She however urged the Federal Government to give asthma treatment the much needed attention. she called on the government to train more doctors and nurses and other health care practitioners on the management of asthma. No one with asthma or allergies needs to suffer.

Also called on the government at all levels to subsidize the high cost of drug for the treatment of patients. “Some of these drugs are not affordable and quite a number of them are not available in the country. “We want a situation in which the government will bring the drugs down to the level of common asthmatic patients.

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