Mental health has to do with your psychological well being. It isn’t just the absence of any mental problems. It involves having a positive outlook of yourself, relationships and life in general. Anyone can suffer from mental or emotional problems. Sometimes, we find it difficult to seek help to improve our situations. Instead, we would rather bottle them up for fear of rejection and embarrassment. We ignore the emotional messages and hope that things will eventually get better on their own. Here is the good news, there are things you can do to elevate your mood and enjoy life more. Let’s see some of these tips for good mental health.

  1. Keep your stress levels in check

    Stress has a way of making us feel tired and helpless. This is due to the release of a certain hormone known as cortisol. This helps to signify the demands placed on the body. There are some stress management strategies that can help put things back in place faster than you can imagine.

  • Strike a balance between work and rest. This will give you enough rest that you need.
  • Talk with a friend or companion as this helps to relieve the stress that you feel.
  • Do things that are uplifting like listening to a calm music, going for a massage or having a cool bath
  • Take a walk or see a movie.
  • Breathe in and breathe out deeply to ease the tension you feel.


  1. Great exercises

    Every amount of physical activity has an impact on your mental health. They help to release certain chemicals which lift your mood and provide energy. Aim for 30 minutes activities twice in a week. Try rhythmic activities that engage your arms and legs like brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing and running and you will be shocked at its impact on your health.


  1. Consume brain-healthy diet

    An unhealthy diet can take a heavy toll on your mood and brain, disrupt your sleep and sap your energy. The first plan is to cut out on foods that can affect our moods. These foods include caffeine, alcohol, sugary snacks and fried foods. Foods like walnuts, salmon, avocados, blueberries, fruits, leafy green vegetables and beans should be embraced which boost moods and memory.


  1. Good sleep

    The impact of good, sound sleep on your mental health cannot be over-emphasized. It is imperative to take at least 7- 9 hours of sleep each night as your brain needs to unwind and rest from the stress of the day. You can achieve this by creating a good sleep environment, putting off all lights, switch off all digital clocks and alarms that obstruct sleep. Also to achieve a regular sleep ritual stick to a sleep-wake schedule.

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  1. Make social connections

    No matter what you do to improve your mental health you still need the company of friends and loved ones to be at your best. Humans are social creatures who make us concerned about building relationships and sustaining them. You can make connections by:

  • Calling a friend or loved one
  • Arranging a meeting or dinner time with friends and families
  • Always be ready to meet friends
  • Attend social functions or events.
  • Smile always.


  1. Find your purpose
    This is of extreme importance to have good confidence, which is necessary for a good mental state. You must derive fulfilment from whatsoever you do either by yourself or with others. Do things that challenge your creativity and make you productive like gardening, painting, drawing, singing, playing an instrument or building. This helps you find meaning in life, keeps you motivated and strengthen your immune system.






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