Some nutritionists say that ageing process begins at the age of 29. This is true as it has been discovered that collagen fibres in the body begin to get elastic and less firm over the years. Ageing can’t be avoided but can be prevented. The ageing process is traced to wrinkles, weak bones, poor vision, decreased concentration, sagging cheeks and jaw and low libido. You can enjoy your life, feel younger and act younger by implementing these life-changing anti-ageing tips.

  1. Healthy diet: As we age, our bodies change a lot not just in how they look but work. Digestion gets slow and loss of appetite is constant as foods begin to lose their taste, chewing may start to become difficult. In as much as ageing is unavoidable, a great diet is paramount to slowing down the ageing process. You can achieve this by eating the right foods, controlling your weight and sugar level to boost the body immunity against infections and diseases. Joan Salge Blake, a nutritionist and a professor at Boston University says that you have to feed your body good nutrition for it to run like it should run. Just as you do to your cars. You have to have good maintenance. A nutritional meal consists of:
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy proteins
  • Healthy dairy fats
  • Whole grain foods
  • Foods with less salt
  • Moderate carbohydrates
  • Enough water
  1. Exercise: This is crucial as it helps to tone underlying muscles which reduce wrinkles on the surface of the skin. Mild to moderate exercise for 20-30 minutes help to promote good blood circulation and keep the vital organs in the body healthy and active. It focuses on getting the organs like the heart, lungs and liver to work. Also, it helps to restore skin integrity.
  2. Care for the skin: Nothing announces age faster than wrinkles on the face. This usually results as collagen fibres become less firm and nutrients which help to support skin structure become reduced, the use of topical lotions, butter, creams and skin moisturizers can help to rejuvenate skin. Eye creams are of good value as they help to erase eye expression lines and dark circles surrounding the eyes. Use sunscreens or block to reduce sun penetration on your skin.

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  3. Good sleep: It is important to give the body the strength it needs by taking a nap. Loss of collagen elasticity causes wrinkles on the face, which reduces skin volume. Sleep on your back to reduce repeated pressure on your face. Avoid other sleep patterns like lying on your stomach or side to reduce unwanted sleep lines on your face. Starting a positive bedtime ritual is a good rhythm for your skin.
  4. Mind meditation: Stress has got a way of leaving you worn and tired. One important tip to control stress is by meditating. You can do this by lying in a quiet and cool place where you can unwind your mind of anxious thoughts and feelings. Stress triggers the release of certain chemicals in the body if prolonged can lead to a breakdown of collagen fibres in the body. Meditation also boosts mental performance which increases concentration and focus.
  5. Avoid smoking: Smoking predisposes to a lot of health conditions like liver cirrhosis, pneumonia and cancer of the lungs, which are capable of making you age faster and make your life miserable. Therefore, if you want to feel younger and gay ensure you put an end to smoking.


Follow these anti-ageing tips and you will continue to feel young and fun!


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