There is more to the health benefits of honey than just adding a sweet taste to your food, used as health and beauty top ingredient, it also provides a wealth of health benefits to the body. Popularly known as ”Oyin” in yoruba and ”Zuma” in hausa, honey has been known to provide humans with a lot of health benefits to humans generally. Honey is widely used as a sweetener all over the world and is more preferred and more healthy than any other sweetener, especially sugar which contains absolutely empty calories.

Honey is made by bees and contains the insects enzymes, as well as sugars, water and oil. Bees fly to flowers and extract the nectar from the plants. The honey is stored within the bees’ bodies. After a bee visits enough flowers to get its fill, it returns to the hive and regurgitates the nectar, which is consumed by bees that are not involved in the collection process. The enzymes within the bodies of these “house bees” evaporate much of the water in the nectar, creating honey. The finished liquid is stored in honeycomb cells within the hives and is used for nourishment by all the bees in the colony. The honey ripens within the honeycomb and eventually becomes a tasty and consumable product.

Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Antiseptic: When honey is applied to an open wound, the glucose contained by honey, is diluted and gradually releases hydrogen peroxide which prevents the wound from contact with infectious agents.

Anti-inflammatory: Honey has been used to heal wounds. Their anti-inflammatory properties helps to accelerate healing process.

Increased metabolism: Honey, when diluted with warm water and taken, helps to boost metabolism. The presence of antioxidants and phytonutrients in honey helps to improve your immune system in general. Antioxidants also helps to reduce the rate of ageing.

Digestion: According to some recent studies, honey is able to aid digestion thereby preventing constipation. Honey also takes care of the good bacteria in the stomach, which in turn takes care of us.

Cough remedy: Honey is able to be a good home made natural remedy for cough

Stress  relief: The therapeutic properties in honey can also help to relief metabolic stress, aids sleep and relaxation.

Improves energy: Honey is a good and natural source of energy. Honey is majorly a carbohydrate which supply’s energy. When diluted with water, can serve as a healthy energy drink.

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