About Us

About Us


eDokita is an online medical platform that allows users to access quality health care by consulting a doctor at their convenience. eDokita, a health technology grass root focused organization with the sole aim of assisting individuals to manage their health and prevent diseases or illnesses for a healthier community using evidence based health approaches that are both convenient and affordable.
It is also no longer news that Nigerians spend billions of dollars annually on medical tourism in search of quality health care service and qualified health professionals which are in short supply in the world generally.

In a bid to address these challenges and bridge the huge gap in the provision of health care services and actual delivery of these services to the consumer, eDokita is rolling out telemedicine service which takes quality health care service to the consumers’ doorsteps regardless of their social and economic status. This implies that a doctor is just one phone call away from the much needed medical help.
Our primary goal is to provide preventive and curative health services to our clients through approaches that are affordable, effective, and efficient. Leveraging on advancements in smartphones and mobile technology, we strive to bring quality health care to the reach of everyone the eDokita way.

Our Mission

To continually provide trusted and easily accessible health care for people and assisting them in achieving and maintaining sound health.


  • To be the trusted source for personal health management and all other matters affecting health.
  • To be a reliable partner in the healthcare of Africans and the world at large.
  • To be the number one provider of health care, health information and tools to the World populace.

About Our Doctors

At eDokita, our physicians are cautiously selected, highly-trained, well-certified and grossly-experienced healthcare-providers. This coupled with on-going quality-assurance that helps to ensure EVERY CLIENT gets the highest quality of medical advice there is.

Our doctors provide the help and advice you need to move on with your day, available 24/7 through our call and chat solutions to provide advice and prescriptions for common medical conditions, provide sick notes for school or work so you can rest adequately, order laboratory tests, review results, and make referrals at their discretion.


Our Products and Services

We are unique in combining and making the following accessible conveniently to individuals.

Online Chat & Call Consultations

Corporate Wellness

Online prescription and delivery of drugs

Mobile Clinic

Patients Health Advocate

Emergency & Ambulance services

Hospital Referrals

Laboratory and Radiologic investigations

School Health Services

Home Health Services

Health Outreaches

eDokita is an online medical platform that allows users to access quality health care by consulting a doctor at their convenience.

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