It is essential for you to be able to manage your body odour so as to save yourself some embarrasement

Body odour is an unpleasant smell produced by bacteria on the skin that breaks down the acid in your sweat. Anyone who has reached puberty can have body odour. Men are more likely to have body odour because they sweat more than women. Body odour can be a major turn off affecting your confidence and self esteem. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce bad body odour;

Have your bath every day You should wash yourself with soap and water every day to wash off the bacteria and dirt on your skin. For those that live in the tropics or when the weather is hot it is important you have your bath twice a day. This will reduce sweat on your skin and in turn reduce body odour.

Groom your armpit It’s important you clean your armpit (underarm) at all times. You can use antibacterial soaps to wash it regularly. Also, ensure you shave the region regularly so as to allow for easy evaporation of sweat and to reduce activity of odour generating bacteria in the region.

weeWUse of deodorant and antiperspirant This helps to reduce the amount of sweat released in the armpit. It also gives a nice and appealing smell which helps to mask the smell of sweat.

Wear breathable dresses It is important you wear dresses such as cotton or wool which will allow your skin to breath and allow sweat to evaporate quickly from your skin. Avoid materials like nylon, leather, spandex because they increase your chances of having body odour.

Wear clean cloths Dirty dresses emit foul smell and are loaded with bacteria. Ensure you wash your dresses regularly and always wear clean dresses.

Watch what you eat Avoid spicy foods, garlic, onions excessive- caffeine, alcohol and red meat, as they can predispose to body odour. Most of these meals are excreted in the sweat glands and they give off foul smell. Instead eat meals such as fruits, vegetables and yogurt.

Use of baking soda It absorbs the moisture from the skin and can kill the odour causing bacteria. To reduce body odour, take a little baking soda, apply the underarm and scrub for a few minutes. You then wash it off to clear the body odour and the baking powder.

Care for your feet The feet tends to be neglected after a long day, however they can be the source of body odour. It’s important you wash your socks regularly, sprinkle baking powder in to your shoes overnight to absorb all the moisture in the shoe. Ensure you wash your feet regularly and trim your nails too.

Avoid wearing moist cloths Wearing improperly dried cloths or underwear can predispose to body odour. they encourage bacteria growth due to the mositure. ensure your cloths and underwears are properly dried before you wear them.

Though sweating is good for health as it releases the toxins through our skin, it is important we manage it properly in order to prevent body odour




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