Body odour is usually an unpleasant smell that emanates from the body. Mild body odour is considered normal but when excessive, it can be humiliating and embarrassing. Strong unpleasant odour emanates from the body when the sweat glands are overly active. This is not to say that the sweat produces the odour but the sweat, when mixed with bacteria that found in moist warm areas of the body like the armpit, groin or pubic region, breaks down sweat once it comes in contact with the skin surface to keratin proteins. These areas are covered with hair and if not properly cleaned can harbour germs or bacteria if combined with sweat, can produce unpleasant smell or odour. Other causes include; poor hygiene, gastro-intestinal conditions like constipation and nutrient deficiencies, increased sweating and night sweats. Here are some 7 remedies for body odour in men.

  1. A good and clean bath: to reduce the effect of these bacteria causing odour on your skin, you should take a warm bath twice a day (morning and night) before bed. Bathing daily gets rid of sweat and bacteria on your skin. Ensure you wash thoroughly the sweat prone areas of your body to reduce the odour. Also using a good anti-bacterial soap will help reduce the extent of bacteria on the surface of the skin and you smell fresh and clean.


  1. Ensure regular washing of bath clothes like towels and robes: These clothes harbour lots of bacteria once used to dry the body. It I important to ensure change of bath clothes after third use to limit body odour. Even after wash, ensure these clothes are dry before use.



  1. Have a clean shave regularly: Excessive hair in the armpits or public region creates a swampy site for bacteria growth. This is likely to cause an unpleasant smell. When you shave, it aids the evaporation of moisture trapped in the armpits and lower groin thus reducing unpleasant odour. Shaving helps you feel fresh and comfortable after a cool bath



  1. Use anti-perspirants and deodorants: Anti-perspirants keeps you from sweating excessively by clogging the sweat releasing pores with powerful astringents such as aluminium salts that keeps the armpits dry and makes you comfortable while deodorants cover the smell caused by bacteria.


  1. Wear breathable clothes (fabric): These are clothes that allow for free flow of air in and out of the body. In hot weather conditions, it is advisable to wear light clothes with bright colours as this helps to repel heat and reduce sweating that can lead to unpleasant odours. On the other hand, thick clothes can be worn in cold weather conditions to absorb heat to feel warm. Light clothes with natural fabrics will help your skin breathe well thus reducing bad odours.

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  1. Give special care to your feet: Majority of people pay like attention to our feet. Have you noticed of recent the unpleasant smell when you remove your shoe? After a hard day’s work of shoving our feet in tight unbreathable shoes, our feet get sweaty. This leaves them smelling and stinky. Our feet need extra care to ensure that they don’t smell. Washing your feet thoroughly after removing your shoes is necessary. You can apply normal deodorant or antiperspirant to your feet to keep them smelling fresh. You can also keep your feet and shoes clean regularly to reduce smelly feet. If you can’t wash your shoes, apply some baking powder to keep them fresh. It is also important to wear the right shoes in the right weather condition.


  1. Eat odour friendly food: Often times the foods we eat contributes to excessive sweating which can predispose us to have unpleasant body odour. Eating the right food can help reduce sweat production and limit body odour. It is important to consume fibre- rich foods which aids detoxification and digestion like fruits and vegetables (carrots, cucumber, peppers) , cereals and whole grain foods. Avoid foods like garlic, cauliflower as they contain sulphur which can cause body odour.


To smell nice and pleasant isn’t costly at all, it only takes commitment on your part.


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