Dealing with odour is a problem many people face when care of the feet is concerned. The feet produce more sweat than the rest of the body. Hence, this makes it harbour bacteria that gives off offensive smell. We tend to easily take our feet for granted as we go from place to place in poorly fitted shoes and socks. This causes the feet to have odour each time we pull our shoes or socks, which can be really embarrassing. Here are 10 ways to help you care for your feet.

  1. Wash your feet daily: It is good to wash the feet after each day to day running to reduce bacteria and sweat in the feet. This is done by soaking the feet in clean water for some time. After which you use a mild soap and shower brush to remove the dirt in the feet.
  2. Pay special attention the space between our toes: Wash between the toe spaces of the feet to help remove bacteria and dirt that are likely to cause fungal infections.
  3. When caring for your feet, it is important to pay attention to your toenails as well. Carefully soak feet in water to make trimming easy. Cut with a good nail cutter. Ensure you cut in a straight line with rounded curves or edges, not below the cuticles.
  4. Moisturize your feet everyday with mild lotions and creams this is to make your feet soft and free of dryness. You can make this a routine by rubbing on some lotion and petroleum jelly before bed and slipping into soft socks which helps to keep your feet warm and healthy.
  5. Massage your feet with good smelling oils to promote good blood circulation and detect any swelling, redness or bump gotten from injuries, poorly fitted shoes or high heeled shoes. You can do this by using your thumbs to press into the soles of your feet in a circular kneading pattern. This will help loosen the tight muscles there. Also stretch the toes one by one, gently pull your toes back and forth to stretch them out and ease tightness and soreness.

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  1. Wear the right footwear for the right weather conditions. This helps to keep the foot dry, clean and comfortable at the right temperature. Wear light and free sandals during dry sessions to allow air to the feet. You should wear covered shoes in cold weather conditions to provide warmth.
  2. Wear good and comfortable socks that breathe with shoes. You should wear coloured socks that reflect heat at dry sessions. Also, wearing dark coloured socks that absorb heat is good for cold sessions. It is also important to change socks twice a day especially if you sweat a lot. This will help decrease odour build-up in the shoes.
  3. Keep your shoes clean and dry by airing them regularly to reduce sweat and bacteria build-up that causes the smell. It is better to change shoes when necessary to avoid foot odour. Also, avoid sharing your shoes with any person who has got sores or fungi infection on the feet.
  4. Use mild and soft foot powder like talcum powder or baby powder in your shoes before you wear them. This helps to keep feet dry, clean and odour free at all times.
  5. Promptly address any foot problems like an ingrown toenail, foot fungus, bunion, hammer toe and broken foot by seeing a doctor immediately.

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