Modernization has virtually opened opportunities and choices for the young minds today. Many young people around the world have acquired accurate knowledge about HIV prevention and how it is transmitted. However, two out of three girls in some countries have no specific idea of what is happening to them once they achieve they arrive at the stage of menarche. A lot of health-related bodies has advocated for quality and comprehensive sexuality education in order to promote health and well-being, the respect for human rights and gender equality. Also to empower children and young people to lead a healthy, safe and productive lives. A proper sex education will develop good values and healthy impressions to the young minds.


Does a comprehensive sex education have impact on health?

Many parents are shy to talk to their teens about sex and sexual development and these young minds need it. They are curious over issues related to sexual development and have many questions that require someone to answer. You will agree with me that an essential role in addressing the health and well-being of children and young people is by providing a comprehensive sexuality education that is age-appropriate to prevent unhealthy relationships, sexual behaviours risk and prevention of ill health. The young has the right to information that helps them make healthy decisions.

What is sexual health education?

Sex education refers to the provision of accurate information on the body’s development, sex and sexuality, relationships, to help the young ones talk about and make knowledgeable decisions concerning sex and their sexual health. It is beneficial to provide this information appropriate to children’s development and cultural upbringing. Information about self-discipline, sexual maturity and reproduction, contraceptive methods, relationship, sexual violence prevention should be taught by parents and trained teachers. Studies have established that sex education works best to prevent unwanted pregnancy and a lot of sexually transmitted infections.

What information is required in a sexual health education?

  • Gender Identity
  • Family responsibility
  • Body image
  • Sexual Initiation
  • Intimacy
  • Knowledge of contraceptives
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Importance of self-worth, understanding the value and autonomy over their bodies.
  • Respect other’s right to their bodies
  • Show dignity and respect for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Positive outcome of good sex education.

  • Sex Education will expose the young minds to their sexual expression
  • It will protect them from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Numerous risky behaviours such as forced sex, pornography, physical abuse can lead to early pregnancies.
  • This will prevent the prevalence of unauthentic sexual information.
  • It will channel the youthful energy to a more meaningful direction.
  • They will understand the importance of self-worth and worth of life.
  • It increases the young people’s knowledge and thereby improves their attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health behaviours.
  • The young minds make positive health decisions about the sexual life.
  • It protects their academic success.