Take a break, look at the society, take your time to study the youths most especially teenagers and with no doubt you find a whole lot of them going into what is popularly known as DRUG ABUSE.

Drug abuse is the habitual consumption of illegal substances, which could be usage of drugs without the doctor’s prescription or direction, taking overdose of prescribed drugs to feel good, high or to satisfy sensual or emotional pleasure, use of someone else’s prescription Abuse of drugs has negative effects to those involved in it. Your body is developed in such a way that a repeated action is recorded by the brain especially when it is pleasurable for the body, and then the brain keeps sending signals for you to do that same thing over and over again, this is where drug addiction sets in.

Drug abuse has sunken deep in the country that almost every youth sees it as a normal act to live with. Making a quick survey we see that family has a great impact on everybody in the society, whatever happens at home reflects on a child or an adolescent and that is why homes with emotional, psychological and physical abuse are likely to increase the chances of drug abuse practice.

Many teens abuse drugs for diverse reasons. These reasons may include:

  1. Because their friends are taking it too and they have to fit in. Peer influence is one of the strongest reasons youth engage in the abuse of drugs even children from the right homes fall majorly at the edge of their peers.
  2. Ignorance could also contribute as one of the causes. For instance a person who is ill gets drug prescription from a random personality, of course not a medical personnel. This act might pose serious damage to the health of such a person.
  3. To feel better about themselves especially when such a person is suffering from depression, inferiority complex, social anxiety, or pain. They may seek solace in substance abuse for a temporary relief.
  4. To get to do things better than they would normally such as meeting up with deadlines, work requiring physical strength, or perform better academically.


Signs of addiction

  • Constant urge to use drugs
  • You feel uncomfortable when you don’t take it for a while
  • You all ill when you try to quit
  • You isolate yourself from the public
  • You take the drugs with you wherever you go
  • You can’t concentrate without having to take drugs first
  • You care less about your relationships and your health


Drug abuse leads to addiction such that even though the users are aware of the harm it might cause them, they are helpless and cannot resist the urge to take them. Some of the many effects of continuous abuse of drugs includes:

  • Mental disorder
  • Damage to vital organs which includes; the brain liver and brain
  • Financial breakdown
  • Diseases
  • Damage to social lifestyle and relationships
  • Inability to focus
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Frequent bloody nose
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Blood shot eyes
  • Hallucination
  • Withdrawal and change in normal behavior
  • Death

To change a drug addict it would require a lot of persistency and long lasting effort. When you observe that an individual around you is involved in drug abuse, inform the person to seek help immediately by visiting a doctor. There is no cure for drug abuse but there are effective measures in place that can help such a person.

For more information on available and effective treatments for addiction,click the link below