Pride of a woman is in the vagina and womb. When these parts are not well taken
care of, the pride is lost. You may want to ask “if its normal to have vaginal
odour”, the answer is “Every woman has a unique scent that changes through her
menstrual cycle depending on hormonal levels but certain vaginal smell can
signal that something is wrong.

Vaginal Odour can be embarrassing and mostly of great concern to women. You can have vaginal odour as a result of different factors that are normal bodily functions such as vaginal secretion, sweats, pH imbalances, menstruation, sexual intercourse, poor hygiene, cancer, infections with bacteria and viruses and certain foods.

is still on record that most males and females have been scared with a very
offensive odour when they take off their clothes as the whole environment is
polluted with the odour of the vagina. Do the following to save yourself from
this embarrassment;

YOUR UNDIES: A woman should cultivate the habit of changing her pants often. Change your pants when you sweat profusely, after exercise and after bathing. When sweat and vaginal fluid are retained in the pant, it starts to smell. Wear Cotton pants and loose clothing to prevent moisture build up.

like gonorrhea, herpes, genital wart,
trichomoniasis can bring about foul smelling odour in the vagina. Visit the
laboratory/ your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

When the pubic hairs on the surface of the vagina are kept bushy, they retain
sweat which later causes odour. Long hairs can trap discharges from the vagina
which causes unpleasant odour as well.

woman who does not take her bath regularly will make way for an offensive odour
in the vagina. Take your bath at least twice a day and more during menses.

CHANGE YOUR PADS REGULARLY:  It is the commonest way to make the vagina
produce offensive odour. Change your pads regularly when you are menstruating.
Wash the vagina clean with water afterwards.

Douching is a method of washing that removes healthy bacteria from the vagina
and then raise your risk of infection. Wash from front to back after defecating
or urinating to prevent spread of bacteria from your anus to vagina that can
predispose you to having vaginal infections.